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- Command: Decode -

A curtain of confidence shrouded the fear we felt. Armed with cold steel, we fractured the earth before us.

An endless sky of possibilities through which we flew. Armed with hot courage, we built the world before us.

Boots and heels oscillating in one great rhythm. We had become an army. Onward, to the dark gates of the Agency.

Minds and souls connecting in one great network. We had become an army. Onward, to the brilliant gates of the dreamweb.

Phase-inducing frequencies.
Thermal-kinetic contiguity.
We march though a world of vibrant dark-white.
We fly though swirling spirals of dream-light.

It was time. The network glasses glowed.
Data-transmission complete. Command: Decode.

The Informant was right, about everything.
Four seismographic data auditors on the first floor.
Seven radial-powered biomechs around the perimeter.
One-hundred and thirty-two heavily armed guards.

The Informant...The mysterious augmented man.
The Informant...An obscured face from within the Agency itself.
Should we even be trusting him?

The moment for hesitancy had passed.
Without trust, there is no truth.
It was now or it was never.

It was time to capture the nemesis. It was time for the attack.
But what price would we pay to bring back the man in Black?
Command: Decode
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