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- Evasion -

Without truth, there is no trust.
And without safety, there is no sanctuary.
The smoke rolls in over this city like a glowing blanket.
And I am grateful for the concealment it brings.
It protects me from the tormenting view,
Of my reflected image in the mirror.
But which of the two do I fear more,
My capture, or the shame of my own face?

Neon signs flicker through the fog.
I am haunted, and I am hunted.
By the relentless man in Black.
By the consequences of my actions.

These cracked streets pave over the dead,
Like the flickering screens pave over reality.
And no matter how dark the night gets,
It never keeps those blank faces from their addiction.

Their mindless eyes surround me.
They pursue me. They plague me.
They watch the screens.
And I watch everything else.

Super-computing psycho-social control.
A single system running planet-wide experiments.
It vexes me. I've got to tear the structure down.
I created it. If only I knew how, I could destroy it.

Where would I call my home tonight?
The old factory? The alley behind the strip club?
Maybe the drainage ditch by the docks again.
They never seem to search for me there.

Super-centralized power in the hands of a few.
A single system placing bets with our lives.
It curses me. I've got to interrupt the transmission.
With a little courage in my dreams, I could destroy it.

Black is closing. He use to be a week behind me.
But now he is nearly close enough to smell.
With every passing moment, I see his face drawing closer.
He is not the type to give up, and he's not the type to forget.
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