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we are
the band that Mr. Black and the Agency were looking for.
one of our friends, her name is Night, gave us the journal of Mr. Black.
it contained all of his notes.
we want to tell you about it.

this is what he wrote.

in the beginning, my world was made up of good and evil.
I was an agent, fighting for the Agency, like many others before me.
we were on one side, the rebels on the other.
I thought I knew everything... but I was wrong.
at that time, Mr. White was my boss. I trusted him.

but there was something else in this world.
it was more powerful than anything else.
a world that we couldn't control. where the rebels could hide.
it was the reason why we were always one step behind.
this world was called... the Dreamweb.

going undercover, I tracked down a guy called The Friend.
he was one of the key figures of the rebels.
one day, when I got too close to him, The Friend killed himself.
I thought from now on he is gone and we will never see him again.
and again... I was wrong.

one day in a club I met someone.
her name was Night.
she was different.
she showed me the world of the rebels:
the Dreamweb.

The Friend was not dead.
he had only switched over into the Dreamweb.
they tried to explain everything to me...
that everything is connected.
they said the music is the key...
the music of a band they called

you are giving me strength and confidence.
you are pushing my fears aside.
you are spinning my world about.
you are filling my heart with pride.
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