mind.in.a.box show-review:

mind.in.a.box - show-review for magazine 'MusicStage',
by:'Adam Hahne'
Link: MusicStage
On the Andromeda stage this year's festival is finishied with what can best be described as raw, direkt synth. It is not the drums of Industrial music nor the happy mood of synthpop, it is black, minimal with suggestive videoprojections and synthesized voices.
Austria has as far as I know not too many musical exports, Mozart aside, but this is where these gentlemen come from. They have cut down everything extravagant. Stage lights, smiles, merry cheers and talk in between songs is for other bands and genres. Mind.in.a.box plays synth in fron of a screen with dreamy, dark videoprojections in moll, period. The talk between the songs is limited to computerized voices that speak of the apocalypse and the dark lord himself.
This is one of the bands I love to get home and see how they sound when listening to their albums. It is definately not the last thing I've heard from these gentlemen.