mind.in.a.box show-review:

mind.in.a.box - show-review for magazine 'Darkwave.ro',
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One of the most popular electronic bands with my Facebook and Twitter fellows is the Austrian duo mind.in.a.box. Their music style is very eclectic, and they managed to add a very personal touch to the either bare or extremely processed electronic sounds. I was very curious to see them live, as they have just started giving live concerts not long ago and, so far, you can count their live performances on the fingers of one hand.
Otherworldly metaphors about imprisoned minds – that’s the tagline of the performance by mind.in.a.box. Can a mind be free, and how, is one of the core questions that prompts the rhythm of the 4-piece Austrian group. mind.in.a.box live at E-tropolis was: Stefan Poiss (vocals, synths), Roman Stift (bass), Gerhard Höffler (drums) and Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky (guitar). The living proof techno-pop is a conquest technique that reminds at the same time of strategy computer games and a well cadenced historical past, their orchestrated endeavor to please an avid audience being a win-win situation.
“Amnesia”, “Remember” and “Dead End” – the latter being a very lyrical and heartfelt test for Mr. Poiss’ voice – were amazing pieces. The guitar was profound, the drum sounded differently, and the band tackled a new dimension of their music during their E-tropolis live performance.
The atmosphere they engendered spoke about passion, patience and delusion – very precise emotions that find on rare occasions, such as mind.in.a.box‘s performance, their true melody.
A nice thing that happened during soundcheck was that Stefan Poiss blasted a full fragment of a song a capella to test the mic. At the end of the short performance, the participants started applauding and cheering. The start of the show was great already! I have to make 2 remarks though: the lights did no justice to the guys. I wish I saw more of what was going on stage and that takes me to my second remark: for the time being there is no show attached to their amazing music. I certainly hope that the band will work on that in the future.