mind.in.a.box show-review:

mind.in.a.box - show-review for magazine 'HeadBanger',
by:'Ksenia Artamonova'
Link: HeadBanger
This autumn, Russian Synth Community presented to all fans of electronic music a very nice gift: they brought to our country three interesting teams at a time: young Estonian group Sinine who most recently made a name with their dark-pop melancholic music, Austrian 'futurists' mind.in.a.box, who released three conceptual albums combined by an intricate plot and a set of unusual characters, and one disc devoted entirely to their favorite computer games. And German e-music band Diorama, who had long ago attained love of both European and Russian audiences with their energetic and quite aggressive dance hits and tender ballads.
After Sinine, mind.in.a.box appeared on the stage, and people noticeably livened up. First, there were quite a lot of this group's fans among the audience, who were well acquainted with their works, and, second, the Austrians' performance was really an interesting one. All the songs were accompanied by videos displayed in back of the stage. Due to them, one could not only get into a song's spirit, but also understand its text - the most significant lines appeared on the background of the rapidly changing images. In my opinion, it was a good solution for the group which tries to tell the whole story in every song... However, not all the spectators were ready to delve into the deeper meaning of mind.in.a.box tracks. Most of them simply enjoyed brisk and rousing music, which instantly dispelled the sleepy atmosphere in the hall. Finally, everyone stirred up, and the dancing began. In the middle of the Austrians' main set, the whole Tochka literally shaked. And this despite the fact that the musicians themselves, especially lead singer Stefan Poiss, behaved on stage in a more than restraint way. The irresistible rhythm and energy of their songs did everything for them. The mind.in.a.box performance definitely caught the audience's fancy, as well as the brand new song the musicians played for an encore, Second Reality. Hopefully, the band also enjoyed the concert and will someday pay another visit to Moscow.