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mind.in.a.box - show-review for magazine 'Metal Library',
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We can tell for sure that it was the most expected concert of electronic artists in Russia for the last year. Unfortunately, even future Synthetic Snow with the residents of our country De/Vision and more infrequent guests Covenant does not fit the sign under which a joint concert of two giants took place, one real and the other purely national Russian - mind.in.a.box and Diorama, respectively. The first band performs on stage very rarely; nevertheless, during their brief career they managed to shape the so-called 'future' style, diversify the vision of electronic music, stick in memory of thousands of listeners and, eventually, become successful. And Torben Wendt with the team on a recent visit to the Tochka club complained on stage together with the troubled viewers that they had been shortcut of the two-hour concert. The support act for the occasion was picked up rather hi-fi: Sinine from Estonia, who had already made their debut.

The third thing to do simultaneously with the two other activities was the most correct - to wait for mind.in.a.box quietly and not paying attention to the problems of the current set. The difference was evident from the very first score: looking at the four, I sincerely believe that they are invited guests of stadiums and festival sites, so powerfully, unobtrusively and confidently they were playing their songs, which, on the contrary, seemed monotonous in the record...
Two almost insane, demonic instrumentalists: a guitarist, who played constantly like he was skipping, and a bassist, who loved hiding in the smoke only to fly towards the public, spreading his hands in a wide salute, created drive not only in music but also on the scene around the quiet vocalist busy with his own business. Their combination of power of sound and power of performance is almost perfect. Dissonance is even more noticeable, when the singer standing behind a high-rise synthesizer and just making one step to the microphone is an orchestra on his own. Here you find both women's, and children's voices, and quite unashamedly pop gadgeted voices, into which turned his own during the performance. Well, yes, do not forget about half of the concert drive for the e-music fans - a live drummer.
Austrians not only arrived in Russia for the first time (hopefully, not the last), but also presented their new album R.E.T.R.O, which was available on the counter for 1000 rubles, in a cardboard wrapper, but didn't sell much. And this is right, the disc turned out to be not the best in their discography and delegated to the main set only two songs: 8 bit and Whatever Mattered. In fact, this was the advantage of the Moscow concert, which allowed the public to enjoy such hits as Fear, Deadend, Certainty, Amnesia. Add interesting and nontrivial visuals that accompany each song, and your satisfaction with the team's music is almost perfect! The audience, who stood still and only danced a bit while the Estonians were playing, boldly filled the entire space in front of the stage, and felt themselves a little more confident. Up the hands, and beneath the feet began to dance, although, to be honest, mind.in.a.box, demanding noise by their bassist, got nothing special from the audience but a loud and clear encore. A great set for a not so great audience is a rare phenomenon, when you get more than expected.
Say what you like, but the most important event of the autumn, both in names and in the final summary of emotions, has already taken place. A good support act and two big performances of two great teams is what you should regret if you have not visited this event. Besides, one can hardly hope for a second concert by mind.in.a.box (even if the guys were impressed with the reception and single out the Moscow concert even on their website, which has acquired a Russian interface)... However, on the other side, even Kanwulf, who always gives one performance per country, is apparently to come to us for the second time!