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For that I had to move me booty to Oberhausen in a club called Saint, which is located right behind the Turbinenhalle, a location I use to attend quite often. As for the Saint, it was my first time ;) Great club actually! Funny thing was that I tried to find the joke in all these images on the wall… hahaha… there was not any… it is an old church and the images are real ;)

Next up was :: MIND.IN.A.BOX. :: a band that captivated me first time a few months ago during a festival. And I was much looking forward to see them again ;) But quickly I had to realize that the Austrians play the same setlist. Also their liking for an almost dark performance has not changed. Ok. Put the cam aside and closed my eyes. MIND.IN.A.BOX. really catch you in a twinkling of an eye, making you shiver, dreamin’ and having goose flesh. Such intensive show again. Just wonderful. As the setlist was the same they again focused on their last record, the great Crossroads. From the brand new one entitled R.E.T.R.O. they only played one song with Whatever Mattered.

Light & Dark
Whatever Mattered
Second Reality