mind.in.a.box interview:

mind.in.a.box - Interview for magazine 'Fiend Magazine', Interviewer:'Alexandra Nicholas', about: 'Dreamweb', Date: 2005-07-02
Link: Fiend Magazine
In the Dreamweb what role does morality play ?
The Dreamweb is a second layer of reality in the world of mind.in.a.box. It represents many things, but most of all it is a metaphor for interconnected dreams and for the wish to change one's life and escape into this world where your dreams reside, both the bad and the good ones. It is comprised of both the dreams you have abandoned and the dreams you have made come true. But if you escape into this world and can cope with both the negative and the positive side, it is what you want it to be. If you are longing for a world of more morality, you might be able to find it in the Dreamweb. In any case, the Dreamweb and the whole world of mind.in.a.box is a reflection of our real world, and as such morality and also the lack of it play an important role. For us personally, our part of the Dreamweb strives to represent personal freedom without confining someone else. What this means for other people is theirs to find out. But we think that in some sense everyone is looking for their place in the Dreamweb.
What is the little rodent thing in the wide-screen Lost Alone picture ?
It's actually the guy that is the main character of the song 'Lost Alone', who has lost himself in a metaphorical city that is entirely empty and dominated by technology. And yet, there is something there that tries to give him hope, to pick him up and show him the way. Somehow it is the essence of the city itself, maybe as a metaphor for life at large. The line 'you are not the only one, lost alone in this world' from the chorus probably describes it very well. The two albums 'Lost Alone' and 'Dreamweb' are connected in many respects, a concept that we will continue with our next releases. One part of the Dreamweb is the network of connections to other dreams, to other people dreaming. And it is them that will help you make your own dreams come true. This notion of hope even when you are feeling lost and alone was also part of our debut, but it plays a more important role on 'Dreamweb'.
Are you shackled to everyday life ?
Yes, like so many of us I am also a mind in a box in many respects. But that doesn't mean there is no hope, and so I am also looking for a way to find the Dreamweb.
What is your worst fear ?
To live in a world whose governing rules I don't know.
How real is the Dreamweb ?
The literal Dreamweb in the story of mind.in.a.box is most of all part of a science-fiction world. But still, many of its aspects reflects tangible traits of our real world. In some strange way things in this other world seem to be connected with our real world. They influence it, and can change things. If they can motivate people to think more for themselves, that would be a really great thing, for example. Many people are a part of the Dreamweb through their dreams, but only few of them can truly move around at will.
How is it possible to write about the lack of awareness of our imprisoned minds when your mind is just as validly imprisoned ?
It is probably a matter of closing your eyes and moving freely about the Dreamweb :)
How alone do you feel ?
In my dreams I'm free. And I'm not alone!