Project Tape Evidence is finished.
What was this all about?
The idea behind this project was to collect sounds from the fans of and THYX and create an entirely new song with them.
Everything you hear in this video is from the fans.....
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  World Of Promises - Lyrics Available Songversions
- World of Promises -

Dark shadows of steel are cast,
By the never-ending graves.
Caskets filled with blood and bone,
Reach like endless ocean waves.

What a world of promises.
What a world made anew.
We are all so very blessed.
Every wish is now in view.

Like nails through my eyes,
Cloudy skies pass the years.
Like glass shards in my heart.
They can't hide all the tears.

Forever lost...

a future of...
a future of...

What I'd do to have it back.
A sky above that isn't black.
What I'd tell you if just I could.
What I'd give you, all I would.

There's no one left worth knowing.
There's no one left to love.
There's no refuge left for me.
There's no more future of...

a future of...
a future of...

I see your face when I close my eyes.
I feel your touch in my memories.
This world is dead.

I hear your voice when I close my eyes.
I feel your love in my memories.
But you're all dead...
a future of...
a future of...
World Of Promises
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