Tou­jours dans le re­gistre de lEBM sombre aux pa­roles tor­tu­rées et dé­pri­mantes, Ste­fan Poiss et Mar­kus Had­wi­ger, les membres de Mind In A Box, livrent 12 nou­veaux titres im­pres­sion­nants.
Lelec­tro-trance mé­lo­dique du groupe fait de...
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so much music,
listening to fragments on disk,
was it the drink in the club?
what is the name of the band?

where is White?
the last train.
what is the key?

the club is closed.
the screamer destroyed everything.
the Dreamweb…
my memory is coming back
what is the Agency?
the music is the key.
the Friend…

meet me in the Dreamweb,
the train station is closed,
candlelight avoids electricity,
only in the Dreamweb.
where is the DJ?
who is Night?

I was there, but no one came.
get the information from the Agency.
we will fight the Agency.
Night's nightmare,
what is the real world?
dying world,
hidden memories.
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