Vorband heißt normalerweise: hol ma uns a Bier. Weil wegen der Vorband kommt meist nur deren Sängers Mutti zum Konzert, das restliche Publikum sieht sie eher als unvermeidbare Hinauszögerung des Hauptacts - im wohlwollenden Fall. Die Verlockung, lieb...  
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  Introspection - Lyrics Available Songversions
two days ago I woke up underwater.
they were watching me from outside,
and somehow I now knew their names.
Night and the Friend just smiled at me,
and then the glass shattered.

I awoke in an empty flat that told me nothing,
and I knew that I had to get away.
White had tried to erase my identity,
but the Sleepwalkers had saved my mind.
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