es ist mir wichtig euch zu sagen, dass euer Auftritt in Hannover am 01 okt der Hammer war.
Ihr seid Live wirklich sehr gut und die Stimmung in der kleinen Halle war ziemlich genial.
Wir kommen aus Oldenburg, hatten also etwas Stecke vor u...
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my sleeping had become restless.
I was now dreaming all the time.
dark sounds and images were haunting me, unsettling me.
there were many things from my past.

most of what I saw and heard I didn't understand.
but they were not only dreams, they were somehow more real...
I felt followed.
again I had fallen asleep with my headphones on.

the doorbell. it pulled me from my dreams.
I dragged myself to the door.
someone had left a tape on the doorstep.

in my head.
in my head.
i can feel them,
in my head.
Tape Evidence
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