rick...inert begin three first eight prime

light and dark
the first synth is sung with no drumbeat
then the second synth first three drumbeats think first three words
then words four five six starting at drumbeat 9

its a trance primer

think the ...
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...and Song
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it's me.
everything went fine.
we attached the trace and he doesn't suspect a thing.
he's so blind, he will never know.
not yet. but we will know very soon now.
alright. I'll let you know.

he is looking for her.
we thought he doesn't know, but now he seems
really desperate to find her.
no! I think we should take him out now!
alright. I'll get back to the trace.

it's me.
everything is fine.
he's still looking, but he seems to know less than we thought.
yes, that's the problem.
but I don't think he'll be able to do that.
fine. later.

he has found her! he's not yet there but he will be very soon.
we have to get everything ready.
she is unable to recognize him, but that won't make a difference for long.
but it won't matter anyway if everything goes as planned.
alright, I'll do that. he won't be able to escape,
and we still have the trace in place.
yes. I'm sure.
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