Dennis...Hallo nach Österreich.Ich wollte nur kurz anmerken,dass ich heut Geburtsga hab und mir ganz ganz dringend neues Tonmaterial wünsche,weil das für mein Seelenheil unersetzlich ist.Hoffe bald von einem neuen Release zu lesen;kann es kaum erwarten.Liebe ...  

in a world where minds live in boxes,
every one of them has to make a decision.

in the world of, minds are imprisoned and usually unaware of their confinement. it is a metaphor for everything that prevents our minds from truly being free, from the shackles of everyday life to the fundamental feeling of aloneness a world increasingly exhibiting self-centered behavior provokes in many of us.

the songs of are stories from this world, building on the metaphor of imprisoned minds and the fact of our fundamental aloneness in the world.

some people say that the musical style of is similar to what is called technopop.


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